A menu that is equally familiar and creative with influences of Southern style cuisine on our dinner menu and the similar creative notions that made Slickity Jim’s famous. Slickity Jim’s has the heart of a diner and the soul of a chef.  Definitely a "chat and chew" - a place for the community to gather!




Slickity Jims eggs are FREE RUN

The Breakfast 5.95
Two free run eggs with roasted potatoes and multigrain, rye or sourdough toast

We Don’t Need No Eggs and Bacon 8.75
A boneless tofu scramble marinated with sesame oil, garlic, cilantro, ginger, and cracked chillies-tossed with sesame seeds served with roasted potatoes, and multigrain, rye or sourdough toast

The Morning Yearning 9.75
Two free run eggs any style with bacon, chorizo & grilled tomato served with multigrain, rye or sourdough toast

Ju Suis Un Petit Canard 9.5
Two scrambled eggs with goat feta and avocado on an English muffin, topped with tomatillo salsa, served with salad and potatoes

Revolution Eggs (a breakfast called h.a.t.e.) 9.75
Two scrambled eggs resting with grilled Black Forest ham, upon a bed of corn bread, baked with asiago and roasted tomatoes, served with salad and roasted potatoes

The Breakfast of Broken Dreams 9.5
Two poached eggs served atop a toasted English muffin with spinach, caramelized onions and a warm gorgonzola sauce

The Honey Man City Butter 9.75
Three slices of multigrain French toast with an effervescent cinnamon and honey-butter sauce, served with fresh fruit atop roasted potatoes

Huevos Rancheros 9.75
Two sunny eggs, veggie chilli and melted cheddar on a grilled tortilla with sour cream and salsa

Tip Toe Through The Tulips 9.75
Two eggs scrambled with artichokes hearts, spinach and asiago cheese on an English muffin served with salad and roasted potatoes

The Has Been 8.5
A potato, veggie chilli and cheddar cheese burrito, topped with sour cream and salsa, served with salad

The McDecimation of Cultural Diversity 9.5
Two eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese, topped with black forest ham and sliced tomato on an English muffin with salad and roasted potatoes

Eggs in a Blanket 8.95

-The Classic Asiago cheese, spinach and roasted tomato
-Society Made Me What I Am Veggie sausage and cheddar
-The Hick In The Movie Who Saw A Flying Saucer Gorgonzola and roasted sweet pepper


-Veggie Freshly slaughtered vegetables roaming free 9.25
-Olive My Love Sundried black olives, feta, spinach
-Cheesy Fun Guy Wild mushrooms and cheddar
-Devil With a Blue Dress Gorgonzola and roasted tomato

-Bacon& Gruyere Omelette 9.5

-Black Forest Ham and Cheddar 9.75
-Chorizo and Mushroom
-A Woman in a Flowing Dress Kissing Her Lover Prosciutto, spinach and asiago cheese


The Benedictions

With a luscious hollandaise sauce gently cascading over two eggs poached with the tender love and care of someone who would help a granny cross the street, rescue a cat out of a tree, or consider the same good deed done by poaching your eggs just so. Served on an English muffin, toasted by a little man in a tweed suit. Comes with roasted potatoes.

VEGGIE 10.25

Lenny - Asiago, spinach and sundried tomato

To Mock a Killing Bird - With avocado and roasted vegetables

Another Typical Benny Involved In Another Typical
- Roasted garlic, goat feta and parsley

Slickity Shrugged - Sundried black olives, goat feta and poached pears

Nervous Onion - Caramelized onion, brie, spinach


Ham Benny -Yup, it’s me with the ham

Go Man - Grilled Salmon and mango salsa

Fun Gus - With sautéed mushrooms and bacon

Chorizo - Spanish sausage with roast garlic and cheddar

Sweet Fancy Moses - Prosciutto, Brie and Artichoke


Motor Benny - Chorizo sausage, bacon, black forest ham and cheddar!

asiago cheese 1, cheddar cheese 0.75,

feta cheese 1, roasted garlic 1
roasted jalapenos 1
grilled tomato 1.5
roasted potatoes 1.5
sliced raw tomato 0.75
avocado $1.5
maple syrup 1
bacon or ham 2.5
chorizo 2.95
sliced prosciutto 2.95
veggie sausage 2.75
toast and jam 1.75
fruit 2.25
yoghurt 1.75
sour cream 0.75
salsa 0.75
tomatillo salsa 1

Sweet Thang

Swiss Muesli 5.95 - Made with toasted hazelnuts and almonds, mixed with apples, bananas, and yoghurt.

Seasonal Fruit Plate small 5.75 large 8.25 - They went into the forest to seek magical fruits, and they came upon the most sacred garden of their wildest fantasies, in which flourished luscious fruits in colours and textures only imagined deep within their souls. The fruits called to them to come forth and reap the rewards of their discovery…and so it came to seed from the fruits of the earth.




Vagrant Elements of the Human Soul 9.75
Grilled and chilled vegetables with avocado, fresh herbs, spinach and butter lettuce on toasted foccacia

Watching the Angels Fall 10.5
Tender breast of our favourite free run fowl, bathed in Irish whiskey, grilled with a blanket of melted brie, placed upon butter lettuce, resting on a multigrain Kaiser

Mr. Gridlock 10.5
(Take a bleeding heart liberal lunch today!) 6oz Steak grilled to your desire, delivered on a french baguette with caramelized onions.

Sandwich of Champions 9.5
Grilled Portobello mushroom cap stuffed with artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, spinach and brie cheese on a multigrain Kaiser.

Herbed Chicken Asiago 9.75
Breast of chicken dancing with the fragrant aroma of fresh herbs and a rather debonair cheese served on a toasted baguette

Madame in Bed 9.75
Thinly sliced prosciutto lounging upon French baguette, nestled with cushions on gorgonzola, fresh spinach, tomato and a feather-light whipping of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

The Dove is in My Hand 8.75
Thinly sliced turkey delicately layered with avocado, fresh tomato and butter lettuce on toasted marble rye

The Sandwich Islands 7.75
3 mini grilled tomato bacon sandwiches on a french baguette, each with a different cheese, gorgonzola, gruyere and cheddar.

Garden of Eaten’ 8.75
Hunker down to this veggie sandwich, a sassy number that takes you down, home and back again with the freedom of grilled vegetables baked onto foccacia with fresh herbs and asiago cheese

Gobble Gobble Hey 9.25
A hot turkey sandwich baked on herbed focaccia with caramelized onions and asiago cheese

Denizen of the Deep 10.5
A wild salmon fillet blackened with Cajun spices in the heat of a stark meeting between fish and pan, topped with salsa on baguette

Three Slab Grab 10.25
Triple decker sandwich with a plush interior of roasted chicken breast, complimented by grilled bacon and the dynamic duo of lettuce and tomato, on a toasted multigrain

The Sandwich Islands 7.75 Three mini grilled tomato bacon sammies on french baguette, each with a different cheese: gorgonzola, gruyere and cheddar.


Sloppy Jehovah 7.5
Veggie chilli smothering (with malicious intention) fresh and innocent corn bread, served with wild greens

K.C.Dilla and the Sunshine Salsa 9.25
Roasted chicken with brie in a grilled flour tortilla topped with mango salsa served with salad

Three Cheese Macaroni 7.95
Think outside the box on ill repute, served with wild greens

Soup of the Moment

All natural, made fresh and served with warmed baguette
small 2.75 bottomless 5.75


Wild Greens 3.75 / 5.5
A cosmic array of mescalun greens cavorting in soft, buttery fields of lettuce under the firm but fair guidance of balsamic vinaigrette or gorgonzola dressing

Portobello, Spinach and Asiago 7.95
Grilled Portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach and asiago cheese on top of wild greens, with balsamic vinaigrette

The Marquis de Salad 8.95
Crispy fried prosciutto with oyster mushrooms, served on a bed of wild greens, topped with a creamy gorgonzola dressing

Salmon Mango Salad 9.5
Grilled wild salmon fillet served on a bed of wild greens with roasted sweet peppers finished with a mango salsa

Dr. Jimmy & Mr. Jim 9
Honey-glazed breast of free run chicken with baked apple, toasted almonds and wild greens, finished with balsamic vinaigrette

Salad of the Renaissance 7.95
Soft, delicate poached pear guided by a most subtle and divine goat feta lazing about a garden of wild greens, mingling with fresh herbs and sundried black olives, with the implied subtleties only balsamic vinaigrette can provide


Home made 5oz beef patty with your choice of roasted potatoes, salad or coleslaw.

The Union Burger Eat better 8.5

Roast Garlic and Asiago 9.5

Big Rippin’ Mama with roasted jalapenos 9.5

Motor Burger Chorizo and cheddar 10.5

Gorgonzola 9.5

Vegas Veggie patty 9.5

Buffalo Burgers 9.5


Jazz Up Your Burger!

Add Gruyere 1.5

Red Eye Gravy 2

Cheddar 0.75

Mushrooms 0.75

Bacon 1.5


Slickity’s Abstract Notion

The idea here is that the chef slings together a meal: a brash combination of myriad colours, flavours, textures, tastes and varying degrees of what some may call the mad prophecies of the spiritually ridiculous